About Us

Continent Connect was founded in 2023 by a team of first generation African women with an aim to create opportunities on the African continent.
The founders shared a common vision to bridge the gap between local workforce and those looking for quality talent.

Our Objective

Our objective is simple. Continent Connect aims to provide limitless career opportunities, bridging the gap between talented job seekers and employers across the African continent.

Iman Ahmed Co-Founder

With a robust foundation in fintech and sales, Iman brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Iman has experience in cultivating long-term partnerships and fostering strong client relationships to drive business growth. Her passion for advancing the economic freedom for the average African living within the continent is evident in her dedicated efforts. Iman’s commitment to economic inclusivity underscores her role as a proactive and visionary contributor to the industry. She aims to drive holistic economic development in Africa, actively addressing and narrowing existing inequality gaps.

Adeala Abdi Co-Founder

Adeala Abdi brings a unique blend of expertise to the organization. Starting her professional journey in Food Science and later immersing herself in the chemical distribution sector, Adeala's diverse background sets the stage for innovation. Her deliberate transition into the tech sector reflects her forward-thinking approach. Drawing from her experience, Adeala identifies and addresses the intricacies of recruitment challenges, showcasing her valuable insights. This strategic perspective, coupled with a passion for enhancing the employment landscape in Africa, positions Adeala as a pivotal force for Continent Connect.

Hanna Kalif Co-Founder

Hanna Kalif is an accomplished risk management professional with a proven track record in providing strategic consulting and implementation services across various industries. Serving as a dedicated board member at Afrika Outbound, a non-profit organization focused on offering transformative educational experiences to marginalized communities,Hanna is committed to reshaping perspectives and fostering meaningful change.

As part of the African diaspora, she is passionate about driving positive impact and contributing to Africa's continued development. Her dedication extends to a commitment to advancing ongoing initiatives aimed at building and empowering the continent for sustained growth and prosperity.